Friday, January 12, 2018


I went a "little nuts" the last couple of days! Darling little acorn cottages that measure approx. 1.5 inches and have a swarovski crystal above the door. Fairies love bling! I have hand washed and dehydrated all of my acorns, and added little touches in various mediums to entice any wee faires in the area!

<3 I have been making dolls and miniatures for over a 10 years, and am so grateful to all of the wonderful customers around the world that have brought so much joy to my art! I enjoy making each one! Each creation is made with a lot of detail, time, and love. There are a lot of artists out there for you to choose from, and I appreciate your time and support! <3
I prefer to sell on Facebook so that I can keep my pricing lower. Ebay charges exorbitant fees, and I prefer not to list there if I can avoid it. These cottages will be listed on my Facebook page in a few minutes in more detail.
If you are interested in the little cottages, please message me. It would mean so much if you would stop by and "LIKE" my Kicks 'n' Giggles page! Thank you again for visiting!
You can visit the link below or click on my Facebook button here on the right of this post.

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