Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My Newest Creations!

 These sweet angel fairies are 2"...3 inches with the stand <3

 These sweet trees are 6.5 inches tall, and have a removable base <3

 These darling little sock monkeys are about 1 inch <3  They love to play on the quarters.  They were hard to get pictures of as they are a bit wiggly...but we got some!

 My free gift to all of my customers through December 17, 2014 with EVERY $20 purchase!  Thank you so much for visiting...and for adopting my creations!! <3 (wee elf in globe not included)  Ornament comes with your choice of ribbon...upon tag, and hanger. )

 This sweet Raggedy Ann is approx. 3.5 inches, and has a removable apron!  She loves to play with her 1 inch dolly!

 This sweet little sock monkey is 3 inches tall. <3

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