Here are some darling little pillow bears that I will be listing soon! They all measure between 2-3 inches or so, and are looking for their special someone! Their cheeks are a little pink from all of the kisses they get...hehe.
This is a little "Holly Hobby"doll, diaper bag, baby book, and blanket that I made for a visiting travel baby from Pennsylvania for Clay and Play Little Ones. It was so much fun!

Here are some soft and snuggly goodies I made this week for one of the Touring Babies...a soft sleigh bed made with some of my favorite, pearls, and flowers, a teddy bear, and a cup of cocoa with marshmallows!
She was about 4 inches and was visiting me here from Idaho. If you would like to follow the touring babies the link on the right. :)

These are some little goodies I made for a traveling "Little One"!
For those small accidental fires...

It was a little traveling dragon. She visited me here for a couple of weeks and had a great time! If you would like to read her story, and her little "story" on the Clay and Play link to the right...
Thanks for visiting!

Here is the little "Sock Monkey" that I made for Martha's little baby boy.
I also made him a baby book, a travel tag, a backback, and an "I Spy" bag.
I gave him some other goodies, but you can see them and his story on the Touring Babies link found on the right. It has been so much fun!

Here are 3 little prams that I just finished! They are currently listed on Ebay! To visit them please click on my Ebay link found on the right. :)

Here is a tea set I just finished for the touring Mouse Baby that was just here in Washington. We love our teapots up here!

Please welcome...Rachael! She is approx. 1.75 inches with her legs bent! She is looking for her new mommy! To visit here!

Rachael & Aimee

Thanks for visiting my nursery! :)